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an overdue update

In a recent post, my opening sentence was "So as per usual everything has changed.” Well. Everything has changed again. This time a little bit more extreme Of course this happens at the same time that I planned what posts I would be posting on hustler vibes for the next eight weeks. Well, the next eight… Continue reading an overdue update

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Hustler Squad: MP

So, my consistent readers will see that I am constantly introducing new series for Hustler Vibes, well here we welcome Hustler Squad to the Hustler Vibes family. Hustler Squad will be posts from people in my network that I believe have something important to share. The focus will be vast but the idea simple -… Continue reading Hustler Squad: MP

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Life Lesson: The big move.

So, as per my bio I say "Ive always said that I want to live a life that would make a page turning novel & I think that I am accomplishing it. My journey from small town to big city , my engagement at nineteen years old to my almost 15 plus moves in the… Continue reading Life Lesson: The big move.

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TOP TEN: get your groove back

Sometimes you just have those weeks - or months - or years - where you don't really feel like yourself. I for one have these periods all the time. The hardest part can be resetting get back to working towards your goals. Here's there first of many top ten lists you will find on hustler… Continue reading TOP TEN: get your groove back

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if you follow me on social media you would have seen that I have been posting about going public with the blog. The following is an excerpt from an instagram post I made once I realized my facebook friends get a "person you may know" notification about my then secret account for my then secret blog... "My… Continue reading public

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should ➸ h o w

For me it took watching a few episodes of "this next guest needs no introduction" to get inspired. I was going through a low period and felt like I had no purpose and that my life way going to amount to nothing. I had things that I liked to do but felt like I had… Continue reading should ➸ h o w