I’m a twenty something Canadian girl trying to figure her shit out. Between travel, education, yoga, health, fitness, and entrepreneurship… I wanna do it all. A wanna be digital nomad trying my best to figure out a way to have to work as little as possible. This blog is about my journey, my trial and error of  all the different personal development things I try. From implementing new habits to my little ‘efficiency secrets’ as I like to call them. There will be a little bit of everything because well that’s me.

 I’ve always said that I want to live a life that would make a page turning novel and I think that I am accomplishing it. My journey from small town to city, my engagement at nineteen years old, to my almost fifteen plus moves in the past five years I live a life full of change, adventure and fun. The quote “life starts at the end of your comfort zone” is what really put everything in motion for me and is something I still live by. I’ve had my ups and downs and it has not always been the smoothest of rides. The hardest part of everything is organizing thoughts to become something real. For me there is something magical about writing. What was once simply a fleeting thought in your imagination becomes a concrete concept as soon as it becomes words on a paper or screen; this has always and will always fascinate me. So here are my words becoming reality on your screen. I hope that something I write can help you on your own journey.