Life Update

Ok so now that I got the poemy – emotional side out, lets get down to the nitty gritty.

My life is actually really fucking great right now and I want to do a quick life update/boost my own ego/kill time when I should be studying for my midterm tomorrow (honestly I’ve gotten A+’s on all of my assignments so far this year so I am not that worried about it).

But yeah starting with school, it’s almost reading week of fall term and I haven’t dropped out. Instead, I have actually been getting really good grades and enjoying all of my classes. I actually get sad when I miss a lecture now that I am taking things I am genuinely interested in. W H O  A M  I? Oh well, I like it.

Secondly, I currently have 40 copies of my first poetry book coming in the mail to me right now. I cannot wait to open that box and see all my babies sitting there, waiting for me to sign them and deliver them to the amazing people who preordered. I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF.

I got an intern position for the student magazine at my university. At first I thought I just wanted to write for them but then I got the crazy idea to start a publishing company and what better way to gain experience than to publish a magazine. I am also going to be writing for the magazine but the next issue’s theme is fear and the thing I fear the most is myself and I think that may be too dark of material than what they’re looking for. LOL.

I finally have friends that I love. I finally met a guy that treats me right. It’s actually so funny, I am so used to dating selfish assholes that I freaked out and disappeared when someone genuinely cared about me. Pro tip: If you suffer from mental health issues and the person your dating puts no effort whatsoever into learning about your mental health issue, just fucking leave. Someone out there will care enough about you that they will look it up and read all about it and come up with strategies to make you more comfortable without you even asking. STOP SETTLING. I know I told myself I wasn’t going to date for a year but then he showed up and this is the kind of guy I can’t let get away.


I think I have written that exact line in probably 10 different blog posts throughout the lifetime of Hustler Vibes.

I can feel that this time, things are finally going right.

Thanks for helping this girl procrastinate.



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