I am really good at pretending.

My life looks a lot more put together than it really is.

Although, I am proud of myself.

I am able to push through, I am able to get things done.

I am no longer bound to my bed,

No longer completely hopeless.

But I cannot lie,

The darkness still burns deep inside my soul.

I try and stay light, but the shadows constantly creep.

I have dreams and ambitions,

I am making movements forward.

Every day it gets easier.

I am learning what love really means.

Being toxic for long I had lost touch with reality.

But I am so ready.

I can feel it.

The shadows getting weaker.

The light is getting stronger.

I will survive.

I will thrive.

I am happy to be back my friends,

I cannot wait to see where this goes this time.

Take 5 on having a blog.

But I’ve always said it was documenting my journey & my journey has not been the smoothest.

Thank you for reading my words.

If it wasn’t for my words,

The shadows would have taken over.

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