Small things

So last time I posted I wrote my main goals for like the next 10 years. In order to make it those thing actually happen I came up with a list of things. Lists on Lists, may all well change the name to Hustler Lists.

  1. Stop drinking – I’m not going to stop going out because I love dancing but from now on I’m only drinking water or cola. Not only will it help my fitness goals & overall health the main motivator for this is not being hungover, sending people savage snapchats or being depressed.
  2. Schedule literally everything – I blocked off all my days to do everything I need to do in a day to be successful. I have already been following it for a few days and I feel accomplished.
  3. F*ck boyfriends – I am always in a relationship, I don’t know how to be single, but like I also stuck at relationships. Yay borderline personality disorder. Instead of getting myself involved in that sort of mess again I am just going to avoid dating like the plague, bc to me, it might as well be it.
  4. Write whenever I get the chance – Today I realized that I can get google keep to write down my voice notes and I wrote 15 poems today alone. This had changed the game. I still have two dedicated hours per day to writing or working on my books but now its way easier to jot down fleeting poems as they come. I know I’ve lost lots of material because typing on a phone just isn’t the same and I crave a paper or my laptop. I’m excited that I figured this out. (I know many of you are probably reading this and thinking I should have already known, but you can’t always see whats sitting right in front of you.
  5. Put myself first – It may be narcissistic of me to say but I am literally the only person who matters. I am the one can achieve my goals and I am the one who can fail. It’s all up to me. So I need to not give a fuck about literally anything but making myself happy. Honestly, I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it. The past week I have had a switch go off in my brain, idk what has happened but I am now happier than I’ve ever been. I went through something recently that would have destroyed me before but I am actually happier now. I finally love myself.

So yeah, thats it. Now I should probably go to bed, I couldnt sleep as the poems kept pouring out of me then I decided to make this list. First I thought I would just keep it for myself a motivation, but what else is a blog for?

My last post was my most liked post ever, I thank you all so much for your positive feedback. I love this community.

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